4 Week Youth Elixir Mini Transformation


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This unique summer skin prep programme holistically detoxes and repairs the skin, gut, and body, for healthier, younger looking skin and weight loss. High potency for maximum results.

What is included in the Summer Skin Prep Pack? 

1. 1 Month Supply Youth Elixir Marine Beauty Collagen
Receive a 1 month supply of our best-selling Youth Elixir Marine Beauty Collagen (1 x 300g), based on a therapeutic dosage of 10g per day. Our collagen is known as a Super Collagen due to the advanced molecular size for superior absorption and therapeutic health benefits. It stimulates your bodies own collagen production and is the ultimate skin, hair and nail supplement. It also works its magic below the surface as Youth Elixir Beauty is clinically proven to reduce the physical signs of ageing, as well as repairing gut lining, enhancing immunity, reducing cellulite and stretch marks, supporting joints, ligaments, and bone health, and finally strengthening hair and nails. 

Valued at $84.95

2. 1 x 150g Life Elixir Wellness 
Mother Nature does it again! Coined Life Elixir Wellness because it's the only Superfood on Earth that can sustain human life. Mother Earth has provided us with a natural substance called Bee Pollen, the healthier, low sugar, granulated version of honey. Life Elixir Wellness is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, probiotics, natural anti-histamines, and anti-inflammatory properties, which promote healthy skin, as well as a healthy body and mind.

Valued at $29.95

3. Free Skin Detox Diet & Custom Skin Nutritional Guide 
Like it or not, your skin is a direct reflection of what's going on internally. Acne, ageing, and other skin conditions can destroy your confidence and leave you feeling helpless when you don’t understand what could be causing it. While the underlying causes of skin conditions are different for each person, there’s one common denominator for everyone, and that’s your diet. 

We've designed a comprehensive nutritional guide with a skin-friendly diet recommended by skin experts and nutritionists, to complement your marine collagen supplement and have you on your way to radiant skin that shines like the beautiful diamond you are. It's not only guaranteed to reduce the physical signs of ageing, but also to treat serious skin conditions mentioned above.

Our ultimate goal is to give you the tools you need to empower and motivate yourself to create healthy skin and gut-friendly habits, to encourage detoxification and regeneration of your skin and internal body, for faster long-lasting results that are super easy to maintain.

Valued at $200


Youth Elixir - stir into any hot or cold food or liquid. Store out of direct heat/sunlight.

Life Elixir - stir into any cold food or liquid. Preferably store in the fridge once opened.


2 tablespoons of Youth Elixir per day, 1-2 teaspoons of Life Elixir per day.


We never have more than 2 ingredients in our products as we keep them pure, natural, chemical, GMO, heavy metal, antibiotic and preservative free, so you get more of the good stuff for maximum results. 

Youth Elixir Marine Beauty Collagen - wild deep sea caught marine collagen (280g) + vitamin C (20,000mg)


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